Brief instructions on how to use the technical features of our virtual Dialogue Platform

Which browser works best

We recommend to use Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge or Mozilla Firefox to actively participate during the virtuel conference.
Safari and the Internet Explorer or not current Microsoft Edge versions (before Chromium) are not supported.

How to navigate the agenda

After logging in, you will find a timeline underneath the mainstage. Access a session by simply clicking on its name.

How can you actively participate in discussions?

  • Raise your hand and ask a question

    During the sessions you can raise your hand by simply clicking on the icon in the integrated mainstage.

    The moderators will see your raised hand and if there's time, they will call your name and give you the ability to unmute your microphone.
    => Please be prepared to unmute yourself!

  • The chat functions

    Each program item has its own chat, which is visible to all participants. Here you can post your questions or comments. As far as possible, the speakers will take them up during the event and include them in the discussion.

How can you get in contact with other participants?

Every event lives from the interactions between the participants and therefore from you! It's a pity that we can't meet in person this time, but we would like to offer you a few opportunities to interact with each other:

  • Speed Dating – Meet & Eat

    On Tuesday morning after the opening, we will have a speed dating session. Here you can meet other participants by chance and get to know each other. To join this session, just click on the speed dating line at the timeline.

    At lunch time, you have the opportunity to meet other participants in different Zoom rooms. As if you were walking around with your plate and looking for a table to sit down for Lunch, you can just chose one of the Zoom rooms and join the group. Please take this opportunity to meet and talk to people while eating your lunch.

  • Meet & Greet Listing of participants

    Here you can make yourself known to others or see who else is attending the conference. The participant listing is optional. Whether you want to be listed or what information and contact details you want to share is up to you! The data is only visible for registered participants and will not be published after the event.

    You can filter the participants list according to the country or the organization people are working with.

  • Pinboard

    Here you can pin images, documents, a short profile, questions, offers, reqests but you can also promote your projects or initiatives. You can imagine it as a digital pinboard.

  • Photo Challenge

    Let's have some fun at the photo challenge and share your photo. You can access the photo challenge in the navigation bar at the top after logging in.

Please also read the privacy policy for more information.